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How We're Combating Covid-19

September 22, 2020


Everything changed in mid-March when Covid-19 hit our country. Most of California shut down, but laundromats were identified as an essential business and we were allowed to remain open. We started using masks and gloves and sanitized our washers and folding tables frequently. We encouraged our customers to wait in their cars while their clothes were being washed and dried and asked them to fold their clothes at home. We limited the amount people in the laundry at any time and required customers to wear masks whenever they were inside LaundryGator. All that and and then we cleaned and sanitized and cleaned and sanitized again.

In spite of all the effort, the national averages showed that the average laundromat's business went down by 30%. People were afraid to come in. People were sheltering in place and didn't want to risk getting sick.

When the state of California reopened most other businesses, most people became a little bit less afraid and many of the customers started coming back. But we know there are many who have preexisting health conditions or are elderly and the risk is far greater for them. This is one of the reasons that we decided to start pickup and delivery. Customers no longer will need to come into the laundromat. You just schedule a pickup and we come and get your dirty clothes. We wash, dry and fold them and return them on our next delivery day. Our drivers wear masks and if it's more comfortable, you can put your clothes outside your door once we text you to tell you we're on the way.

Covid isn't going away quickly. In the meantime, pickup and delivery will help reduce your chances of getting the virus.

Whether you choose pickup and delivery or come to our laundromat, we'll be doing everything we can to keep you and the rest of our customers safe!

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